Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck of the Irish!

Happy St Patrick's Day! May you all be blessed with the luck of the Irish!

This is not going to be a long blog...I'm going to be quite snappy and quick by sharing two links that I love about St. Paddy's Day!

Frugal St. Paddy's Day Rainbow Cupcakes!

St. Patricks Day Split Pea Green Soup!  Minus the ham of course! eek!

To be sure to be sure!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cheap Vegetarian Cuisine in Footscray

I was walking home from my shopping adventures when I came across a place called "Lentil as Anything". They are a purely vegetarian eatery where you eat what you want and "pay as you feel". It is quite interesting, there is a donation box at the front of the store on the counter and in which you place donations into before you serve up your meal. The food was delicious, a lot of Dhal, yummy treats, spinach rolls and curry based sauces thrown in with pasta. It was all so tempting. I could smell it from out in the street!

A simple paragraph from their website,

Lentil as Anything is a series of 3 pay as you feel restaurants located in Melbourne, Australia. There are currently 3 restaurants in St Kilda, Abbotsford and Footscray all serving healthy and delicious vegetarian food on a trust basis. The pay as you feel philosophy is simple – we invite you to pay what you think the food and the experience is worth – and invite you to also donate towards a philosophy that places human dignity above profit. All donations and payments are made into an anonymous box. Anonymity, in our view, preserves dignity and promotes trust and feelings of social inclusion.

And now they have started doing "breakfast". Hmmm...

I wonder how many people pay nothing at all and eat more than one serve of food? Probably plenty.

I did empty a handful of coins totalling up to $10 into the donation box as I felt it would go to a great cause.... and probably to make up for the people in front of me who did not pay a cent.

You all have to try it! It's yummy, cheap and vegetarian!

Freeeebies? and Cheap stuff.

I love a freebie. I signed up to this website, to get their emails of freebies!

I must admit, it is a little addictive. How many free things can you find? Or super cheap things perhaps?
I started here, and signed up for a few things that I may not use but my family would!

Jam doughnuts? These deals are no only for Donut King but for BB's, Brumbies Bread and Michel's Patisserie. You can click on this link and sign up for nothing, and have coupons emailed to you to save that extra dollar here and there.

A chance to enter into a competition to win a free iPad 2? This link allows you to partake in the competition via facebook.

Have a child that is starting to become toilet trained? You can request a sample of their huggies pull-ups for toddlers up to 17 kg's!

That website always sends out an email every few days or so. It's quite interesting what you can pick up from it for no cost at all.

Now for big savings of the day. Here in Victoria, we had a Labour Day holiday in which everyone gets a day off work... well most people do anyway. I made the trek into town for my local Savers Recycling Superstore in Footscray. I paid a small $4 for a brand new pair of skinny leg Jay Jay Jean's! They still had the tags on and everything. It was crazy. I picked up a few tops for a couple of dollars. They had so much stuff there. It was fabulous.

Have you been to your local Savers Superstore? What have you found?

I was also trekking through the back streets of Footscray to find some cheap bargains and the local grocery stores of knick knacks. I was surprised at how cheap everything was. I bought a money box for my church change and some rose oils for the insence burners... all for $2. I was mesmorised by the layout of the store though, it was so chocked full of stuff, it was crazy.

I wish I could show you all a picture however the blog uploader for photos is not allowing me to do that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you buy your lunches?? or Pre-make them?

I used to be the laziest person out there and decided I would buy my lunch everyday at work. Now I cringe at the thought of spending up to $10-15 a day on crap.

I calculated at least $10 a day minimum of buying lunches at work. That's five days worth at $50 a day minimum thrown away on overpriced fatty foods. For what? For nothing.

Adopting a vegan diet has something to do with it also I guess. It's not very easy to find a vegan dish that will fill you up for a fraction of the price in a public food court.

I have fallen in love with a new website... well it's not "new" as such however it's fabulous for vegan lunch box ideas.
I recently bought a "tiffin lunchbox" type of container... it's stainless steel and keeps things either hot or cold for long periods of time. It's great and it would be perfect for those lunch ideas on that website.

I'm going to draw up a new plan and include alot more salads in my diet to get me through my frugal vegan weeks.

Wish me Luck! I'll write them up tomorrow morning before blogging them all up tomorrow night! Within my frugal budget of course!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NZ Quakes, St Kilda Scandal's, Frugal Bites

So much has happened today! Firstly I want to send love and hope to our fellow sister country New Zealand. Christchurch have had an awful earthquake with up to 65 confirmed dead and many more still missing. It is such a horrible thought to have lost alot all in a matter of 30 seconds.
I really want to donate - I have googled and found this. I'll keep my eye out for an onshore donation site for Australians to offer assistance.

Being frugal has its benefits. Benefits of helping others in a time of need. With just a week alone sticking to a rather frugal regime, I will able to donate more than I probably could have if I wasn't careful with my income.

It's just devestating looking at all the photographs online of the torn down buildings and all the people running through the streets lost and bewildered. It's just awful.

My heart goes out to the New Zealanders. Stay Safe.

On a ligher note, I wish this girl would not hog up the media! If you're in Australia and follow the AFL, you'll know who I'm talking about. She is grinding my gears oonly because she is plastered all over the media websites and social networks. You cannot escape her.

Despite all the bad news today, I still remained frugal and within my limits. Hmmmm...

Breakfast: Warm Soy Oats (Soy milk is starting to run out about now)

Lunch: Mashed Cauliflower and Brocolli rolled in with cooked rice and some grated radish... The mashed veggies kind of made it appetising by adding the milky effect to it. Quite tasty I might add (and very filling)

Dinner: Bananas, Oranges and Apples sliced and diced and thrown into a bowl with a sprinkle of cinnamon over the top of them. Oh that was such a lovely finish to the day.

My supplies are starting to run low... and given the amount that I have saved from this - I could probably allow my weekly spending to $30 in the future and get alot more out of the shopping lists and still save quite a bit.

I'm in the middle of writing up "Emergency Lists" of the vegan variety to have set aside for those "off weeks" when you really are running low on cash having to pay for the horror mobile phone bill, council rates or car registration. We've all been there!

What are your best frugal recipes?

Monday, February 21, 2011

With Thanks to Chef Chloe - Vegan Avocado Pesto

Om nom nom - Avocado Vegan Pesto on the Cheap

• 1 avocado

• 1/2 cup pine nuts

• 3 garlic cloves

• a bunch of basil

• 1/2 a lemon, juiced

• 1/8 cup olive oil

• SALT & pepper to taste :)


Frugal Day's 6 and 7 to come tomorrow..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A new kind of Challenge?

I came across this on a friends facebook page. I could probably do this for alot less? I took into consideration that this would be for a family of four and it also incorporated meat, eggs and dairy.

That comes to a question I want to ask - How much would you spend per week and still call it frugal?